Video downloads

Hi all, i have downloaded a few movies from several p2p. But when i try and play the clips from windows media player or power dvd, they only play the sound.
can anyone tell what i am doing wrong or what i am not doing right


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Very much a NO NO Question. Read the rules.

i agree that the post looks suspicious, but he did not say anything about commercial titles…yet

@vini007 I suggest you read the rules if you’re referring to commercial dvd titles as discussion of that topic is not allowed on cdfreaks.

otherwise, stay tuned for responses assuming someone who can offer a suggestion thinks that you’re asking a legitimate question and not breaking cdfreaks rules.

this ambiguity is why it’s always important to be as specific as possible with your questions.

also, since the video files ar edownloaded, it’s difficult to offer suggestions since the source cannot be pinpointed…keep this in mind as you wait for responses!

@vini007: reasonsnotrules has summed it up very well.

We need to know there are no copyright issues with your downloaded movies, in order for this discussion to continue :cop:.