Video distributor says Hi-Def DVD Format is too expensive



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besides the mastering cost, the pressing cost of 2usd seems to be too optimistic perhaps & 1usd on dvd seems too much, but if the story is true, bd is more promising than i have previously thought


Wow, only $2000 to master a movie for DVD? That price seems really cheap. I’m guessing that $2000 movie mastering is for your super basic crappy catalog/supermarket movies. I’m sure it’s a lot more expensive to really clean up and properly remaster a movie…


If you read between the lines you can see just how much the consumers are getting screwed. $2 to master, $2 to press, lets throw in $5 more for packaging just to be safe, and what do we have, a disc that costs $9 to manufacture, which then sells for say $17, for a tidy profit of $8 per disc. Even if you split the profit up 4 ways, for the manuf., for the disto, for the wholesaler, and for the retailer, it still nets $2 for each of them. Yet they are so greedy that they don’t think that’s enough. How high do we need to be to believe these jerks? They can’t pass on to the consumer an additional $4-5 cost per disc? The consumer won’t pay it? Who are they kidding? If a DVD goes for $17 and a HD version of the same movie goes for $22, I have no doubt folks would pay. Especially if they utilized some of the extra space on the HD disc to add more features. I guess these losers are too busy crying about piracy and all of the lost revenue to realize that the consumer will pay if the product is worth it. Screw 'em! I’ll wait to see how it all shakes out, and if they can’t make a go of it, fine with me, they can go out of business. History shows that some bright soul will find a way to make a buck and they will just take over for the dinosaurs that couldn’t evolve with the tech. :slight_smile:


It’s all about the money! They want more and more. Untill they can make more money on HD than they do on DVD they will continue to just sell DVD. The cost to mass produce a DVD is almost nothing on a per unit cost. Do a serch on producing your own in lots of 5k. Maybe $2-$3 each for everything. Take it up to the quantity they are doing, and it’s even less. Just look at the profits on sales of DVDs and that tells the whole story. I’m suprised they release as many movies in the theater anymore.


I like how they say only “Blu Ray” and not just high def in general. Atleast you know your paying the same for the codec with blu ray though because both dvd and blu ray use mpeg2 so the extra cost is being used to just cpu time and probably a little extra time in clicking away at those artifacts i am sure it’s not a liscensing issue. Anyhow “classic” movies are usually in the 3 dollar bottom feeder bin at walmart so of course it’s to expensive for them. I am sure you will get your Gone with the Wind or Wizard of OZ though. Maybe if these companies thought a head of time and mastered it all in high def like the pro studios did they wouldn’t have to pay out a second time around to produce a movie.


No way $2 is $2. No shake downs $2=$20 Keep it. Im sure I can find it somewhere else


Ps: You dreamed up this C.R.A.P. learn to live with the cost


It’s not possible to cost just $2000 to produce a DVD. A simple search on DVD authoring can show you that it costs $20000 to $30000 usually. But if you compare that number to the discs they make (millions) it’s really in the


The reason why it only cost them 2000 bucks to do a dvd is because they spend no time remastering. They sell value classic movies with 0 effort. They just shove it through the telecine and print it onto dvd nothing complicated. If they want to do hd video though they are going to have to actually do retouching otherwise the big dots from low res film will make the film look awful. I doubt they can even be remastered that well anyhow


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psychoace, Image Entertainment doesn’t produce those $3 VHS-transfer quality crap, they are one of the companies that actually distribute excellent transfers of older films. You don’t have a clue, stop spewing crap you have no clue about. :r Image Ent. releases are in a whole different realm than the likes of bargain companies like Madacy, Alpha, Brentwood - they produce the type of discs you’re speaking of. I’m sure Image’s costs for most movies are alot more than $2000. The $2 per disc quoted is inaccurate and the $2000 quote is inaccurate as well - the per disc cost would be less and the mastering costs more in most cases. :r