Video Distorted after burning with Nero 8


I had a .divx file on my comp. The audio is VBR so used VirtualDubMod to extract the audio, loaded the now silent video and .wav file into TMPGenc and got my .mpg file.

Played it in Windows Media, and Nero and video and audio is perfect.

Cut the .mpg file into 2 .mpg files.

Played each .mpg file again in Windows Media, and Nero and everything is again perfect.

When I go to burn the CD-R, and add the file into Nero, I get an error stating:

"The file .mpg is not a valid file for creating Video CD V2.0. A compliant video file requires the following specifications:

MPEG-1 which was encoded for Video CD:
audio: 44.1 kHz; stereo; 224 kbit/s
video: 352 x 240 / 29.97 Hz or 352 x 240 / 23.976 Hz or 352 x 288 / 25Hz

The following problems were found:
invalid video stream: ??? fps, 640 x 272 pixels, 1150 kbit/s CBR
invalid audio stream: 48000 Hz, 2 channels

How would you like to continue?"

It gives the options to Re-code the video file or to turn off the standard compliance and continue. I choose to turn off the compliance standard and burn the disk. When I go to play it in my DVD player, the “VCD” indicator on the player lights up and the audio is fine but the video is very distorted.

I am burning at the lowest speed possible, 4x. I’m running Nero 8. The fps on the video is 30 and I have it set to NTSC in Nero.

Any suggestions?


When I play the same disk in my computer, everything is perfect. It’s just when I put it in the DVD player, things get choppy. There is a VCD indicator on the DVD player that lights so it obviously plays this file type.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Just an idea: have you thought to buy a standalone able to read also avi files? In these days there are many rather cheap that can read very good a lot of file types :slight_smile:

Maybe you can also consider to buy a standalone player with an USB port, so you can connect also a HDD to the player and there is no need at all to burn a disc to watch your avi files :slight_smile:

Well this DVD player obviously plays VCD files as there is an indicator on it, I’m just not understanding why the disk is playing back choppy in the DVD player but playing back fine in the comp.

Because standalones rely on standards and you obviouslky have transcoded the source wrongly, otherwise your standalone would handle it!

chef, I’m asking for suggestions to help me get the file right…maybe this is the wrong forum.

youni, you said Nero gave you the option to re-encode the file. Maybe if you do that, it will then fit the standards for the standalone player.

TMPGEnc is a good tool for transcoding media.
If you have no clue, you can use its wizard.