Video cycling from blur to sharp

Hi, I tried to compress a movie onto two CDR’s and the vob’s look good except that when watching the video I can notice that it continuously blurs then sharpens. Is there any way to fix this or am I trying to compress this way to much?

two cdr’s? are you sure you’re on the right forum?
if so, are you telling us you compressed 9 gig of stuff down to 1.4 and are not satisfied with the result?

try switching to another compression standard, maybe…

hehe, actually I did another movie and it looks pretty good. I am supprised as you :slight_smile: instead of using a re-encoder which takes a long time, I was supprised at what I could get in 20min on two regualr cd’s :slight_smile:

good for you you can play miniDVDs… i can’t :frowning:

actually, this plays with WinDVD on the PC, when I put it in my DVD player it displays the time playing but no video. It must be the way I burned it ? what do you think, is this a common symptom of player’s that can’t play mini dvd’s? or would I get a “NO DISk” message?

my player ALWAYS displays time increasing (actually it goes a bit faster, but who cares? something is shown :stuck_out_tongue: ), even if i put unsupported media files (like, damnit, svcds…).
minidvds are rarely played by stand-alone machines ( for more info).

Damn, oh well, looks like an APEX 500 player which I USED to have :frowning: plays them. Double whami :slight_smile: Oh, well, back to SVCD

I just backed up Grey Zone last night and when I viewed it today I saw the blur-to-sharp cycling thing. Maybe this is what happens when you ask too much from DVD2One.

This movie/audio is about 6.53Gb in size. My first attempt at compressing this movie with DVD2One only got it down to 4.40Gb (too large)… the second attempt 4.38Gb still too large (a third attempt after lowering the size setting to 4452 also came in at 4.38Gb) finally I lowered the size setting to 4400 and got it compressed to 4.33Gb… good enough! However after burning it, I discovered the blur/sharp cycle thing. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this.

BTW, I started each transcoding run from the originally ripped files instead of sequentially transcoding as some people have done.


I had the exact same problem with GREY ZONE when I tried backing it up with the new 1.1.1 software. I tried backing up with both full disc and movie only with similar results. For kicks I decided to retry using 1.0.2 and it backuped up alright without the blockiness or shifting picture.

Hope this helps.

Neat, I’ll see if I can get the older version somewhere and try it, just to see :slight_smile: