Video converter



What is the best video converter out there that can convert avi to mpeg or something?


I tried TMPGEnc to convert a AVI movie into vcd but it takes like 3 hours!!? i tried with other converters and it still takes around 2 hours? Why does it take this long?


avi has to be recompiled to compliant mpeg to make a vcd…it takes time, depending on how built up your pc is…how much ram…processer speed…etc, time will vary, but it is an extremely intensive process.


Fastest encoder I ever used is Cinema Craft Encoder 2.50. My CPU is only 1.5 Ghz and I can Encode a 1 hour MPEG 2 compliant file in 40 mins and a VCD compliant file nearly twice the speed


This is mostly dependent on your GOP setting, as compression level is determined by the number of “B” and “P” frames you use.

In TMPGEnc you can change the settings to use only “I” frames. This will drastically decrease your encoding time, and it will reduce your CPU load during playback. You’ll also get a higher-quality picture. The only disadvantage is a larger file size.


It’s an advanced process that takes time, when it comes to video compression you can in general say the longer time it takes to process the better quality, especially for if you compare CBR to VBR.


Actually, it’s just the opposite (see my above post on the GOP setting).

Compressed frames take much longer to encode. If you reduce the compression (increase quality), you reduce the encoding time.



i recore some video from progdvb in mpg format but i cannot burn them with nero to vcd.

anyone has worked by progdvb ?