Video conversion help

a friend suggested I ask here, so here it goes I’ve been using convertx for a while now never had any major issues until recently. A tv series I have plays just fine on my computer but when I burn them onto dvd-r with convertx the audio gets all choppy and distorted. My friend said it’s propably a codec issue that convertx has a problem with so my question is what would be the easiest way with another program to convert them to say mp4 or some other format and change the audio codec to where it would work?

Hi and welcome.

I would suggest you try Format Factory…it´s one of the easiest to use and can do most conversions including audio.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

downloaded it and checking it out now

thanks so far so good I didn’t burn anything yet but i converted a file to mp4 and then to dvd format with convertx and did’nt get the audio error i was getting before :slight_smile: so should work for me also it hard coded the subs for it into the video wich was nice also