Video Conversion Hardware

I’m setting up a little A/V lab out in the garage and I want to digitize years of video from several sources (VHS, C, 8mm, DV, etc) with the end result being the highest quality video for DVD & Blu-Ray. I have a little Dazzle converter I bought years ago and it works, but I’m wondering: isn’t there something better out there now? This is just a hobby, so I don’t need anything real expensive. Thanks for any advice!

When i bought my first cpu this was something i also wanted to do. What i found out after a lot of reading over at was, an internal capture card that supports hardware encoding works best. What is meant by hardware encoding is the card does most of the encoding, speeding up the process. This also helps with quality. Since you have a cpu and a card working on encoding, this allows you to capture at higher resolutions. This is the card that i bought just to give you a rough idea of what i’m talking about. It’s an older model card so i’m not sure if it’s still available.

[QUOTE=sikoone;2448518][B]When i bought my first cpu [/B]this was something i also wanted to do. … [/QUOTE]
Didn’t you need a computer for the cpu? :slight_smile:

Thanks sikoone - a card makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile: