Video Compression

Hey all,

I have a Canon DV camera, and I have been editing our home movies for quite some time (using a IEEE wire etc.) The problem is that when I transfer movies from my DV tapes into AVI format, the come out HUGE. ie. a 30 min clip is about 20 GB… I doubt this is normal cus the movies I download are less than a gig for 2 hours +.
This huge size makes it really hard to mange, store, edit and transfer them to DVD. It also putting a big strain on my hard drive (70 GB :o ). Does anyone know how to make this movies amy smaller!?!

So what have you downloaded then???

Of course this is normal for uncompressed AVI.

If you plan on doing video, better get a second/large hard drive. AVI is uncompressed, while the movies you are downloading are either mpeg, divx, or xvid. Mpeg is compressed, and divx and xvid are even more compressed. For editing, you want avi. If you aren’t doing any editing of your video, you should get whatever you need to capture the video as mpeg. This will save you some space, but you will still need a seperate hd for capturing and editing your video.

kk thanks ya’ll. i guess im just goin to have to get a better hd. oh well i guess i knew this day would come eventually…

anyways thnks again for the help

k anothother related question

after im done editing my movies, i wanna burn them to DVD or store them on my hd, so i need them to be small, but not neccesarily editable. is there any video editing programs that compress the video automatically when its exporting, or should i just download a video convertor? if so, which one?

If you want less space, DIVX or XVID is the most compressed. But, you will lose quality if you wish to later edit or convert those to MPEG2 again. In Video, everytime you change from one format to another, there is loss of quality.

When you transfer from the camera the app that does it should have the ability to record using a codec like Xvid or Divx. This will reduce the size to something manageable.

If it doesn’t then an app like VirtualDub will be able to resave the avi in a compressed form using either of the codecs I’ve mentioned.

use XviD codec from here…

that should help you out alot… this is the codec i use to convert my dvd movies into 700MB or 1400MB file(s) with keeping dvd like (pretty close to dvd quality @ 2hours for 1400MB) quality using Gordian Knot.

just some suggestions :wink:

Guess you camera is MiniDV format - required disk space should be around 13GB per hour, but depending on your editing software and if you have a lot of transitions and heavy effects this may change.
A good ditor should re-encode and restore the MiniDV files size/time relation.
This is big and you are right about disk space.
The final format will depend on your requirements and whether you keep the original tapes or not.
If not, keeping just one of the more compressed file formats (like DivX) will be a point of no return and you never know if you will change you mind about the future use possibilities you indicate now.
Another point is if you are going to play the files only in a computer environement or if you will need to use home players - in such a case you should go for the most compatible file format even if it requires some extra space - and a Mpeg2 DVD compatible file may be the best choice.
If you keep the original tapes you will be free to do what pleases you and the only cost will be to have the base editing work again if you change your mind - but you shall consider that compressed file formats change and become better - take DivX that is now at version 6 and just imagine you had done this choice by the time of version 2, for instance.

ok thanks alot ya’ll im probably gonna stick with the MPEG2, as long as its a bit smaller than the avi.

thanks alot for the help,

Either storing them on DVDs (authored to VideoDVD) or compressed into mpeg4 formats like DivX, XviD or mpeg4/H.264 is a good idea.

Some more info: