Video compression: More bang with fewer bits

Video compression was one of the more ubiquitous topics at last month’s NAB Show. Perhaps equally ubiquitous was 4K and 8K. Seldom was one of either topic discussed without reference to the other.

Fortunately, in the world of digital television and digital video, a video-specific variation of Moore’s Law seems to be at work. With umpteen years of incremental NTSC picture quality progress that many viewers could barely see — if at all — the industry was ripe for the change to HDTV and self-contained big-screen displays.



On the other hand, if it turns out 4K doesn’t catch on with consumers, HEVC can double the number of existing HDTV channels using the same amount of bandwidth.

Another way to put it - Back up your Blu-ray collection in half the disk space. :wink:

I have made so much fun of 4K but after seeing a 4K ‘monitor’, I realized it could in fact be a relatively perfect marriage between 1080p and a computer monitor’s crisper imaging. “What’s wrong with a 50-inch desktop screen?!! 640x480 looks AWESOME on it!! Blaskowicz and I can find EVERY secret chamber and make off with all the gold again and again!”

Transmission quality is still the bugaboo. I’ve still seen bursts of blotchy image defects, and until transmission quality improves, the Best Screens only make those artifacts look all the more apparent.

More bang… does that mean it’s mainly intended to improve pr0n videos? :cool:

Accidental Porn, you mean.