Video Clips (off DVD) with Custom Subtitles

I need some quick advisement on working with video, something of which I have done extraordinarily little. Normally, I would expend my own time and effort into learning the ropes, but, unfortunately, I have a presentation to deliver for a panel at a convention, and only ~2 weeks to execute it.

The subject of my ‘informal lecture’ is anime, so it would a huge boon to me if I could incorporate video clips (with custom subtitles). What I need to know is the most newbie-, time-, and pocket-friendly method of going about this. These clips would exist SOLELY for the lecture, so, while quality = good, I’m not really fastidious about it; getting them done quickly and easily is more important to me.

So, again, the basic requirements of what I need to do (again, in a manner that is easy for newcomers, not especially time-consuming, and cheap, preferably free):

[ul][li]Edit video (ripped from DVDs) into short clips – perhaps, in some cases, splicing multiple clips together into a continuous sequence (nothing very fancy)
[/li][li]Add custom subtitles (“hard” is fine)[/ul]
[/li]Thanks in advance to anybody willing to spoonfeed me some pointers. :o