Video cd ?!?



I have a move in AVI format, when I choose to make a video cd in nero, a file that is 733,000 KB on the cd with conversion/encoding becomes 829,000KB

I bought 800mb/90min cds and the guy told me that it can do more than 790MB, so is it safe to overburn the cd to tht size ?

One more thing, and also if I can’t overburn such sizes or even larger ones, can’t i using nero or some other program reduce the size or a bit of the quality (preferably not quality) to make the file smaller ?

I hope all my doubts will be cleared here, thnx in advance.


The VideoCD can hold more than the red book standard , so i doubt you will even need to overburn.

You can test your cd’s without actually burning them using the Nero tools.


I’ve never done tht test, could u lead me on how 2 go about it ?


Originally posted by ken777
I’ve never done tht test, could u lead me on how 2 go about it ?

Yes , i could lead you hand-to-hand , show you a big powerpoint presentation about it and be a nice voice-over for you.

But no , i will not do this. This has various reasons. The biggest of all being that you will never learn anything if you don’t do it yourself.

Fiddle around in nero , take a tour in the helpfile and discover everything about speed and burn tests.

This is not meant as an insult , this is my experience over the last decade.


Thnx 4 the help, although nero’s help wasn’t tht ez and clear. Anyways 3 questions came up my mind.

  1. After running the Nero CD Speed overburning test, I got the following: 93:17.73 (+13:17.74) How do I convert the 93:17 into MBs or KBs , using my own way I got a rough number which’s 0.114, I mean if I devide 93 by 0.114 I get 815.789MB. Is this way correct or is there another way of doing it ?

  2. Since I got this figure, does it mean tht it’s my limit towards overburning, or can I still overburn more ?

  3. Back to my main question which I asked in the begining of this thread, how do I convert an AVI file to MPEG and reducing its size just a little bit so that it fits the CD, wht I mean is tht I specify the output size of the MPEG movie.

Thanking u a lot …


the vcd’s i’ve made with tmpgenc run 10 mb per minute, just like an audio cd.

there are calculators for finding output size of the movie. have you been to the divx forum?


as for the size and all, it’s not much of a big thing …

plz tell me the way of specifying the ouput size of a avi-mpeg conversion

  • I need 2 know the program
  • I need 2 know how 2 specify the output size as to fit the cd size that I have.

I wish u could reply as soon as possible as I have not much space on my HDD and I need 2 start burning 2 free some space.

Thnx …


Afaik , the VideoCD standard will only support a CBR (constant bit rate). I’m not even sure if you can change this bitrate to somewhat more your taste , so that you can use a cd-r to the fullest.

SVideoCD however , can use CBR and VBR. I’ve had great difficulties getting it to work on my Philips DVD player (Which is not even 4 months old yet).

TMPGEnc offers the possibility to change the CBR/VBR rate of your AVI to MPeG video stream.


ok so i was able to convert avi to mpeg using tmpenc successfully, the prob tht i faced is tht the output mpeg was without sound !

could some1 lead me here ?


guys plz bare with me as I’m new 2 this …

i was able 2 get the sound work by setting its priority to +1 in the settings …

now I face another problem, the video size, how do i get an appropriate video size, I’m not able 2 figure it out accurately…

plz help


Mr Chickenman has made some extremely good tutorials


plz don’t keep words hangin in the sky, i’m new and i don’t know who the hell Mr Chickenman is !


Follow this link Neo :slight_smile: