Video CD Writing Problem



I am having a problem with VideoCD's and Super Video CD's

It seems that nero's ability to check for compliance has become compromised.

I believe it happened when I was writing a Super VideoCD that i knew would work in a standalone player and nero decided it wasnt standards compliant. I clicked "turn off compliance and burn anyway" and it burned ok and played fine.

However, ever since then whenever I try to burn a vcd or svcd it no longer properly checks for compliance, it simply automatically accepts anything that gets thrown at it, but when you go to burn the cd it starts to re-encode the video.

"Create Standard Compliant VCD" is still checked in the video cd options. And unchecking it seemingly makes no difference what so ever.

I have tried a re-installing nero and ripping as many nero registry entries out as I can before re-installing but the problem remains. I've tried installing different versions. And still the problem is there.

Anyone got any ideas?