Video Card

Hey, I have been having problems with my new computer when I try to play games. I have recently installed Warcraft 3 on my new computer and once I get into the game menu it randomly freezes. Sometimes it freezes right away and others I am actually able to play for about 20 seconds before it freezes up. It then simply freezes on its current screen without any sound. I have had this same problem on other games including the new Thief game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled new video drivers and motherboard drivers with no luck. I suspect it is the video card, but the only time it freezes up like this is when I get into the game menu, the cinematics play fine. The fan on the video card is working and my motherboard utility shows that the processor and motherboard temperatures are ok. If you could give me your ideas I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

AMD XP 2800+ Barton
ASUS A7V600 KT600 400 FSB
512 DDR 400
120 GB 7200RPM
GeForce FX 5200 256MG 8x

Is this an original copy of the game it freezes on? Have you tried bundled drivers, or older drivers, sometimes newer or newest isn’t better, and is actually more buggy.

Sounds like you checked everyhting else very text book perfect. :wink:

Try lowering your AGP speed to 4X and disable fastwrite, your issues might aswell be cause by the PSU.

Hey, I resolved my issue. Figured out that the AGP drivers I installed from the motherboard driver disk were conflicting with my Video card drivers.