Video Card



I am going to build a new pc, the main purpose for it will be Photoshop 8 CS, probly XP OS, P4 3.2 GB 800FSB s775, M/B wi 800 FSB, 1 or 2 GB DDR. I wonder if someone can tell me if 128 MB Video card would be enough or would I need 256 MB, I want to have TV out & also to put a 2nd monitor on later.


monitors will be crt, lcd, digital or analogue, etc…?


My monitors would be CRT but if the prices of LCD monitors come down I’d like to get one of them 2nd. Digital aren’t they.


How much do you plan on spending on your video card? If the answer is a lot then perhaps 256 would be beter (check into the specific card). If the answer is anything else, 128 mb should be fine, not because of a price diffrence due to the memory, but because many mid and lower cards cannot take advantage of the 256mb, even if they have it (they don’t have the architecture). Earlier on when they started making 256mb cards it was more marketing hype to make you pay more - think you were getting more - or make you think you were getting a beter model. Some of the newer faster cards can actually use the memory in which case the extra memory is well worth it but make sure the card can use it.


I’ve got more idea what I want now, 128MB (more to do with price than performance)but I’m still interested in suggestions. Thanx


If you are not into gaming then you don’t need 256 megs. 128 is more than enough for Photoshop, even 64 meg would do that job easily.

A 128 meg card such as a nVidia MX5200 is a reasonable spec card but won’t keep up with the latest game.

If you prefer ATI, the 9200 series is about the nearest equivalent to the nVidia 5200.

Both the above cards can be bought very cheaply now, under £30 (GB pounds) in many places.


I agree. you only need a 128mb video card. And 1gb of memory is enough.
I have two systems, a 3.4ghz with 1gb ddr, and a 3.2ghz with 2gb ddr. I do photo editing, and video rendering. There is no difference between the two in speed at all. At least none that anyone would notice without using a stopwatch on a very large file.