Video card with Componet video outputs wanted

I have DVD recorders with Componet video inputs.Where can I buy a video card with Componet video outputs. I like to record from PC to DVD with the best possible picture quality,yes 2 full hours for 25 cents 480i. thanks

I’ve never seen a computer video card with component output. You might be able to get an adapter or transcoder that can take vga or dvi output and give you component video. Look through this thread for some clues:

S-Video conectors are quite common on video cards and the adapter from S-Video to component video is as simple as any connector adapter, it is entirely “non Electronic”,

It’s mechanical (connector shape) adapter.

you can even buy a video cable with an S-video connector at one end and the component (RCA) connectors at the other end.

Somewhere around here I have one…


^You sure that’s not S-Video to composite?

An S-Video connector/adapter might work ok for the original poster’s uses though, since he only wants 480i output.

No, I’m not sure

I confuse the two often and I’m convinced that the people who named them wanted everyone to be confused.

But Composite will likely get him where he wants to be…


This is what your talking about.


We need to know.

The type of motherboard.

The type of video card that it supports.

Then maybe we can come up with options.