Video card - which is better performance

Iam just a newbie and iam really don’t have much idea on video cards.
Just want to know which is better either ATI Radeon or NVidia? AGP or PCI?
Iam planning to buy one within this month…

thanks for the help…

Both ATI and Nvidia make good video card chipsets. You simply have to decide what price/performance combination you want. Look through the first post in this thread over at ArsTechnica: Link

As far as AGP vs PCI-e, that will depend on your motherboard. Most motherboards that are being made now have the newer slot, called PCI-E (pci express). Check your motherboard and see if it has an agp slot or pci-e. If the motherboard is extremely old, you may only have pci slots, which are obsolete when considering the newest video cards. You can probably still find a pci video card, but it won’t be a good gaming card if that is your intended use.

Why are you upgrading anyway? Do you want better gaming performance, a dvi connection or what exactly?

kerry56, thank you very much…especially the [U]Link[/U] very useful information
i will be upgrading my PC for gaming purposes…

I have had 2 ATI cards both worked great, but took alot of time to set up.