Video card today

I am going to order a video card today. This is the one that seems to look pretty good.

$59.99 after mirb. I could go up maybe $15-20 but no more. Anyone have any ideas for something better in that range???

you made your decision, go for it.

What I suggest is the HD 2600XT, $20 higher but it is DirectX 10 and has HD VC-1 encoding hardware and thus relief a lot of processing stress on your CPU when you are streaming HD content. I suggested this in the other thread but seems like you have made up your mind. The MSI HD 2600XT 256mb with GDDR-4 memory is $90 AR is a good deal since it is equipped with GDDR-4 memory. The link is in the other Video thread that you started, too lazy to provide the link since I have a big test this Friday

Cowboy I have not made my mind up for sure yet. I will look at that one again.

Thanks Brian…

Well cowboy for $20.00 more I went ahead and ordered the HIS card. Thanks for the recommendation…