Video card suggestions

Howdy all,

So my age old PC which has an AMD Radeon card that finally died. Now I know DeUHD doesn’t require any specific hardware to rip UHD discs, however, if I’m going to replace my card what would be a minimum card capable of playback of ripped UHD Blurays? Would I need to go nVidia GTX 1070 ti? Do these now days largely support HDR too?

I am not interested in disc menus or proper UHD support, simply being able to playback what has been ripped by DeUHD.

Motherboard is ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 w/ Intel i7.
I will also look for a suitable 4k monitor…eventually…

Ideally you want something with full 10-bit HEVC hardware decoding or a very strong CPU. Do you intend to play games on the machine? If not, you could always forgo discrete graphics and look at an Intel Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake processor as they now implement full HEVC (8 and 10-bit) hardware decoding now.

If discrete is your game, then AMD Vega and Nvidia 1000 series cards have you covered. If you want to save a bit of cash look at Nvidia GTX 950 & 960 cards.

I have a GT 1030 (~US$70) in my old HTPC. It plays my rips just fine on 4K TVs, although the CPU chokes when I try to use madVR with MPC-HC. Oh well. That’s not Nvidia’s fault.

For what you need a GTX 1050 Ti would be plenty. It, or the GTX 1030, will play any HD content and even 4k content as they have the h.265 codecs in the card’s hardware. I use a GTX 950 and two GTX 1030s on the three 4k TVs I own. One thing the GTX cards with HDMI 2.0 output will do is output 12 bpc YCbCr444 if your panel is capable of 12 bpc.

Thanks! No gaming definitely. I’ll check those cards out.

Thanks, I’ll need to see if GT 1030 supports HDR10.

Cool, again will want to check out the HDR10 capability.

Thanks for all the responses, I have plenty of cards to look in to!

Unfortunately the 10 bpc output on consumer grade video cards is restricted. Nvidia only allows their much more expensive Quadro line and AMD only allows their FirePro line to output 10 bit color in most circumstances. I stumbled on Nvidia’s loophole regarding 12 bit color by having a 4k TV with a 12 bit panel. The other issue is that the HDMI 2.0 on the Nvidia GTX cards will only do 12 bit at 30 hz and below. This isn’t an issue as most movies are done at 24 hz.

I ended up ordering the GTX 1050 Ti.

Thx again.