Video Card Suddenly Stopped Working....!

Alright…i’ve an 2 years old Pc which was working Fine till last night…! i was just playing a game suddenly the computer hang… i restarted my pc then it stopped showing display…! i thought it might be ram but ram was not the prob…! then i took out my agp card and put it back on but no display…then i took out the agp card and turned on my computer and it started booting…!Mean i was hearing the windows starting sound etc…! And Yeah when i put the card back there is again the same prob and there are no beeps or LED’s Flashing etc etc…!
and the fan on my agp card is running…!
Now what do i do with the card…!
Can it be repaired by a professional or there is prob with the MB…is there anyway i can make it work again…?plz Do tell me…!And yeah my Computer spec are
Intel P4 2.4Ghz
512mb ram
Nividia Geforce Fx5600 128mb
300W PSU
Any Help Will Be Appreciated…Thank you…

From what I can see, it’s most likely the card has failed (e.g. dried up solder joint, bad capacitor, etc.). I had an nVidia FX 5700 AGP fail in the same way about two years ago, but for me the PC was working one day and then didn’t boot up the next and discovered it was the card when I tried another AGP card I had handy.

It’s probably cheaper to get a new VGA card of a similar type than to get it repaired. If you use eBay, give it a try, as you’ll likely find one there.

@sean thx 4 ur advice…!

you may find this of interest

Baking a video card…!Never thought of that…:wink: I’ll give it a try…Anyways Thx 4 your help…!

[QUOTE=ghayyurious;2540490]Baking a video card…!Never thought of that…:wink: I’ll give it a try…Anyways Thx 4 your help…![/QUOTE]

Remember that it can also fry out components!

Interesting link though, i get these kind of errors a lot with current hardware. Maybe i should just try it with some mobile phones and other crap hardware with low risks.