Video card recommendations for multimedia?

My GeForce3 Ti200 64 MB DDR video card died on me last week after only less than 1.5 years of service. My next video card is primarily intended for multimedia (video editing, etc) as opposed to gaming.

I’m looking to spend no more than $160. I did a little research and discovered some things:

  • In both organized reviews (tomshardware, etc) and public opinion, ATI video cards are better performers than nVidia cards.
  • I can get an eVGA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB, 128-bit, XP-certified card for $72.
  • At the higher end of my price range, I can get a PowerColor Radeon 9800 SE 128 MB, 256-bit card for $158. Plus, I can soft mod the Radeon card to boost performance to non-SE Radeon 9800 benchmarks and also get 8 pipes instead of 4.

My Q: is it justifiable to get a Radeon 9800 for multimedia tasks, or can I get by with a GeForce FX 5200? I suspect the latter but I’d like to ask those with more experience :bigsmile: Or are there better bang-for-the-buck values out there? If so, what?


what about the Nvidia FX 5700 ???
supposed to be good little card and cheap too.
the Ati 9800 SE you looking at alot better than the FX 5200 i’d say.
i have an Ati 9800 XT myself but i don’t really care for it.
performance wise its ok but i still prefer Nvidia’s cards and drivers alot more.
Ati’s drivers i find are pretty crappy and alot buggier than Nvidia’s.
choice is yours though, both Ati and Nvidia make pretty good vid-cards.
i’d check out the FX 5700 heard lots of good reviews about it.

Ati’s drivers i find are pretty crappy and alot buggier than Nvidia’s.
That is the reason i returned my ati9600Pro and got an FX5700U instead.

If you want it only for for video/picture editing you can add to the list also the Parphelia’s.

Do you already have a video-in card? If not you should get an ATI All-in-wonder solution.

If not. Get a GF4 Ti4200 8x 128MB. It will suit you great for multimedia and play all DX 8 games with ease. It will also allow you to play some DX 9 games (at lower settings). It can be had for real cheap online. It beats the snot out of the FX5200.

If you can’t get that. I would get the 9800SE. If you can do that overclock it’s almost to good a deal to pass up. Sweet OC!

Also ask yourself this. What if you or someone you know would like to play a new game a year down the road? Or if multimedia requirements go up? I would rather upgrade once and have it last 2-3 years then 6 months - 1 year.

The FX5200. Blech. :Z

Do you already have a video-in card? If not you should get an ATI All-in-wonder solution

Interesting suggestion. I do not already have a video-in card and was planning to pick up the Plextor PX-M402U soon ($139). Obviously, a non-All-In-Wonder card + a PX-M402U is going to cost about twice that of an AIW card… but the PX-M402U supposedly converts/encodes captured video to DVD format in real-time. And I think time is money too b/c encoding is very time-consuming. What’s your opinion between those two choices?

what about the Nvidia FX 5700 ???

The FX5700 is only about $20 cheaper than the 9800SE, but the soft-modded 9800SE is (supposedly) more than $20 better in performance. You do make a good point about ATI drivers, though. <Sigh>

The FX5200. Blech.

Hm. Didn’t know the FX 5200 was that bad. Thanks for the comments… was thisclose to getting it. Now I have to re-evaluate this whole thing all over. :confused: