Video Card reccommendation needed


A friend of mine is looking to buy a videocard for in his system

he has around a 100 Euro to spend,
And he really doesnt need al that much

He wants to be able to play dvds on his computer, and maybe play some games or something.
But he isnt big on gaming so no need for state of the art or latest greatest.
Hel probably end up buying some puzzle game or something.

I was looing through the pricewatch on another site but i had no idea whats what.

His motherboard is a msi k7n something it has a nvdia 2 chipset.
Advice is much appreciated


What country?

I’ve had absolutely no problems, compatibility or otherwise, with either of my ATI Radion AGP cards (9200 w/128MB & 9550 w/256MB). I’m talking about “Built by ATI”, not “Powered by ATI”. There’s a difference. A Radion video card “Built by ATI” means exactly that - manufactured by ATI. “Powered by ATI” means that ATI sold their Radion chipset to some other manufacturer and who knows how they used it.

Not requiring stellar performance for the latest and greatest games, I tend to stay away from video cards with fans or other fancy cooling on them. The fans create too much extra noise and they’re all notorious for failing. A good big passive heatsink should do nicely for cooling.

I think I paid well under $100 USD for either of them.

Maybe something like a Leadtek WinFast 7600 GS 256MB DDR2 AGP might fit the bill. Probably the most powerful card you will get in AGP for that price.

thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it

i spoke with him again , he says he wants to watch dvds on his comp
and he doesnt really care about games.
he just wants to computer to be able to play a possible ‘‘3d’’ game
what he means by that are those demo cds you find in the 5 bucks stash…
or those 4 euro B games. he bought a ridiculously crappy game called cyber laser future tag tournament

he wont be playing any recent games, he plays that chinese puzzle game everybody loves so much nowadays.

also a question i keep seeing pci-e when looking for videocards, what is that?
is that a special slot? if so im not sure if the mobo has it.

as for the cards i found alot but i really have no clue what it all means.
Arent all of these cards good enough…
i used to watch dvds on a riva tnt2 card with 64 mb.

i found among others:

3781 Asus GeForce 6200 128MB DDR (AGP, DVI), N6200TD⁄128M
for 40 euro,

7299 Asus GeForce 7300 TC 512MB DDR (PCI-e, DVI) EN7300TC512⁄TD⁄128M 45 euro

Leadtek GeForce 6500 128MB DDR2 (PCI-e, DVI), PX6500-TDH128 60 euro

Leadtek GeForce 6800 XT 128MB DDR (AGP, DVI), WinFast A6800 XT TDH 100 euro
Leadtek Geforce 7600 GS 256MB DDR2 (AGP,DVI), PX7600-GS-TDH256 112 euro

those should work right?
i mean how much does he really need?
thanks alot for the help


your friend’s mobo does not have PCI-E, and for what he plans to use it for, an AGP geforce 6200 will be perfect. I’m assuming he is on integrated graphics now, so this card will be a [I]huge[/I] improvement :iagree: