Video card question

i just bought a samsung 22" widescreen lcd and it has a dvi input. My problem is that my computer athlon64 3200 has a built in video card on the mb. It is the nvidia geforce 6100 256mb shared memory card. I have a radeon 9250 in my other computer 128mb ddr agp. I only use this computer as a burner so the video is not that important. This card has a dvi output. Would i be better taking this card and puting it in the athlon64 computer for the dvi to my new monitor or is it a waste of time. I dont have the cash to buy a better video card right now. Thanks,

Well i guess it does not matter because if i read it right my motherboard gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 has a pci express slot and no agp slot so i guess if i want the dvi output i will have to buy a new card…

Does anyone have any suggestions on a reasonable pci express card. I dont do any gaming, just want to get the most out of my lcd. I do some video capture and editing on this so i dont know if that would matter.

nVidia Geforce 7600GS or ATI Radeon X1650?

Any of the Radeon X550 family will be sufficient :iagree: (nearly $40)

Except that its old and most likely reaching its EOL

true, but the OP doesn’t play games and it will outperform his integrated video while also giving him 256mb of system ram back, so its a win-win

Except when he wants new drivers for his video cards and its being discontinued. Keep in mind that it doesnt support video acceleration (such as AVIVO/Purevideo(nVidia)) which may/may not help in the future.

where do you see the x550 card for $40? That is well within my range. I wouldnt mind spending up to $75 for a decent card. I checked pricewatch and they had the x550 listed for $96. This is a pci express 16 slot.

Newegg has the X550 for ~$65. But you could step up to GDDR3 memory with a X800 for $15 more ATI chipset X-series GFX cards at Newegg.

It also has this X550 card for $33.99 :stuck_out_tongue:

The average price for X550 here in Ukraine is $40-$45
ATI Radeon X550 Asus EAX550HM512/TD 128Mb DVI, TV-Out, PCI Express - 46$
ATI Radeon X550 Jetway 128M, 128bit, PCI Express - $41
ATI Radeon X550 MSI 128M DDR2, 64bit, PCI Express - $42

And I don’t even remember how long ago they were at $90-$100 price range :eek:

If you can tell the difference between DVI and VGA, then you must have “super-eyes” or something There is very rarely any difference between them.

Just get an X550, or maybe even lower. X300 or something if you don’t do any gaming. The newest drivers will not drop support for these cards for a LONG time. Notice how TNT2 drivers are still avaliable on the nV site… (Vista version and all, LOL)

You will certainly notice a difference between VGA and DVI on a 22" LCD

in what way? all it does is make it “sharper”, apparently. from what I have seen, there is no difference.

If you whana cheap PCIe X300,X550,6600,7300GS 128MB/128bit …

@ joshd
You get sharper picture and “more” vivid colors.
If you dont see a difference you got either a shitty monitor or pretty bad vision.