Video Card Problems Please help!

When i first bought my computer all the games i played(ex resident evil 2 & triple play 2001)ran so smooth with all the video settings on high.Now when i go back and try to play the same games it runs in slow motion.I tried everything im pissed.When i play these games i have to put all the video settings on low so it can run smoothly.I even added 64ram and still no good.I even tried nortonsystem works 2002 to help me out.
im using SiS6326 on win98se
i even tried it on winme and winxp
please help

Maybe there’s some other app. running in the background? Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL once to see what’s running…

i used msconfig to stop all the programs from running in the background when my computer starts up. Anytime my computer starts up its at 99% resources i never liked having programs like msn or yahoo messager in the background running.

o ya i even tried installing my orginal drivers that i got with my video card and that didnt help

thanks for the reply

have u updated your via drivers or try too reinstall direct x
helped me out when i had the same prob once

hope it helps ps agp miniport driver update might help

Did you try reïnstallin the games you have troubles with?