Video Card Problem

My brother has a HP Pavilion p7-1100 Win7 and I bought him -

But everytime I plug it in I get no picture anywhere from any jack.
Help Please - What am I missing???


Did you inform the bios/setup that it needs to use the external video output?

It is a video card not external unit.
I was thinking that maybe I need to
load the software BEFORE mounting the board.
Just a thought.



Mr Belvedere meant " Not part of the Mother Board " ( external )
Some bios’s will just know when you connect a separate Video Card and automatically switch over to it , some boards will not.
You would need to go into your Bios and see.

I don’t see a way of changing the BIOS for external video card.
I assume that it should be done automatically.

If the Card is seated properly and does not work there is something wrong. The Slots call for PCI Express X 16, and the Card is PCI Express 2.0 X 16. In the BIOS there should be a way to disable the OnBoard Graphics. :cool: