Video Card Problem. Please help



Alright, I have had a Geforce 4 Ti4200 for months now and after installing XP Pro Windows can't find my video card. What I mean by this is it is not listed in device manager, infact "display adapters" icon is mission all together in device manager. I have download all the latest updates for windows xp and have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. I can't install these drivers though because windows can't find my card as I mentioned. This just happened after installing xp, so do think that If i format and use teh system save disks to go back to home edition the video card will be recognized? Please help if you can. Thanks a lot.


There should be a standard display adapter in the Device Manager. If your seeing stuff onthe screen the icon should be there.
The problem you have is that is newer than XP.
Download the Windows XP drivers from and run the executable. You may then have to reboot.
If you have a problem remember…
#1. F8 will bring up the boot options menu and choose either safe mode to get back into windows or last known good config
#2. Create a Restore point before doing this