Video Card Memory

Hi. I have an aspire 7730 laptop. it has 1244 MB mobile intel graphics media accelerator 4500MHD card and 4GB RAM which I can only use 2.9GB the rest is taken by the graphics card. I want to reduce the shared memory so that i have at leat 3.5 GB of RAM of which i can use.I have also tried reducing the shared memory through the BIOS but failed. Is there any way I can reduce the shared memory?
Thanks in advance

It’s a bios setting, if it’s not there (and since its an Acer I doubt it) there’s no way of adjusting memory allocation.

Could be a driver setting as well.
Assigning more than 128 MB (and even this is too much) to a lousy Intel IGP is - well, I can’t find a word for that :frowning:


That lousy IGP works very well and accelerates video which may require more than 128Mb (nVidia needs at least 512Mb afaik)