Video card issues

Ok I just bought a GeForce 4 MX 440 for my second computer, and it doesn’t boots anymore. I’ve even tried to reinsert the old TNT2 Ultra but it still does the same. Both cards seems to have been inserted correctly into the AGP slot. Here’s what happens:

I turn on the computer, but then I hear four beeps, one long and three shorts. Then I see the led of the cd-writer light up, then the hard drive and then the floppy disk. I also hear some kind of strange grinding noise. The computer is on but never boots up like usual, and I never see any input on the monitor. Something must have been disconnected but I checked all the cables and everything seems to be ok. What seems to be the problem?

Please help.

What BIOS do you have on your motherboard?

The four beeps (one long and three shorts) are an error code
that shows what might be wrong.
Each BIOS has different error codes. You can find them in your
motherboard manual or on one of the many websites…

You stated “I hear four beeps, one long and three shorts.” This is the Award bios video error code. This can be a video board failure or a motherboard failure, or a bad configuration of some sorts. In your case I would suggest that you clear the motherboard cmos by shorting the jumper and reinserting the TNT2 Ultra. The old card will hopefully work then. If that gets your system working you might try putting the new card in and clearing the cmos to see if you can get the new card to work. Good luck.