Video Card Help

Alright I’m having a problem with my computer and I think it’s video card related but i’m not sure. The problem is that whenever I try to watch any kind of video or play a game my computer will just randomly freeze up, and the only way to unfreeze it is to hit the button on the front of my computer. this is my video card if it helps.

I’v tried un-installing my video drivers and re-installing them, but that didn’t fix anything.

Does it have active cooling? i.e. a fan/heatsink? It’s possible it could be overheating.

it should, there is a heatsink on it.

i’v had this computer for about a year now and it’s only starting doing this recently.

Try to test the video card in another system (a friends or neighbours system).
If the problem is still alive, then it’s the video card. If the problem doesn’t occur anymore, it is a software, driver problem.

Can you remember what software you have installed before the problem occured?
Try to reinstall the software/driver or reinstall windows if the video card works fine in another system.

I hope this helps.

I think it was overheating.

I opened the case and got a fan on it now. Seems to be running smooth again. Thanks for the help.