Video card help

Decisions decisions. What do you all think? Expert advice needed.…&SubCategory=48

I can get the x1300 pro at a better price here if that has any influence.

I don’t want to spend over $130. Don’t do much gaming. Mainly for video playback. Thanks.

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I don’t know if it’s me or my setup, but your links are not working fully this end. Go to site & that’s it.

Same here zebadee, I am getting page not available.

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Thanks JayC30, glad it’s mot me. Just added a new k/b & I’m never sure initially whether I’ve now got some conflict or another.
Mort81 get off that other forum :bigsmile: & respond to us eggheads :stuck_out_tongue: .
Take a look at this graphics card.

Hmm, sorry guys. Lets try it again. and

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I believe Mort81 is looking at this . Yes he is, oh no I’m posting to myself within one of my own posts. They’re coming to take me away.

Got it down to one of these. or

Here’s a better comparison

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Of those 2, personally I’d go with the Sapphire Radeon. Despite all the info on the Geforce leading to the implication that it’s better than it is.

That’s kinda the way I was leaning too. Never had a radeon card so didn’t know but spec wise it looks like a clear winner over the nvidia.

the saphires got a 500 core clock over the 300 of the other etc etc it seems. the saphire go for.