Video card? gddr2/gddr3?

getting ready to buy a pci video card for my msi-6714 verison gvm and don’t understand the differences between gddr2 or gddr3 don’t want anything to expensive but better than the onboard 64mb…seeing on newegg some for around 100-150.00 and don’t want to buy the wrong thing can someone please explain the differences…my manual doesn’t really say just confused here…looking for a 256mb card and so many to choose from please help me out

just remember your board is PCI not PCI-E etc, the fastest PCI card they released was something around the FX5600, Radeon 9100 range, DDR2/3 etc applys to newer cards and is nothing you need to worry about, also no point in going for 256MB ram afaik no PCI card is capable of using it properly 128MB will be more than enough, you may want to think about buying a new board with an AGP slot and going for a better card say a 6600GT

In other words, dont even bother getting a video card to your corrent motherboard.

this is a worthwhile vid card for pci, only problem is newegg usually sells out within hours of getting new stock

if you can get this card for that price, do it! onboard video sucks so bad its not even funny. my dads comp (emachines :Z ) has onboard video that comes up as 64mb geforce 4 mx, I put in an oldschool 32mb geforce 2 mx 400 just to free up the extra ram…and it actually OUTperforms the onboard vid in games

well not going to get another motherboard seeing as how i just bought this system…but hey for 100.00 i got a custom modded case the whole flashing neon lights and custom metal work of a dragon cut out of the case and this was the m/b that was in it…ill stick with onboard…then the only thing i know i can do is to go from 512mb memory to at least a gig thanks all