Video Card Decision

I’ve been here before and have received a lot of help. I’m ready to order my parts now and will do so either today or tomorrow. I just need help in picking a video card. I’ve chosen the HD 4850 and need to know what brand I should go with. (Asus, Saphire, Vision Tek, etc.)

Also, should I spring for Vista or XP? I know vista is newer but I heard it’s a whole lot buggier than XP. (I’m planning on dual booting with linux.)

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If it were me I would get this MSI card with aftermarket heatsink already on there, the rebate brings the price down to reason. If you get one with a stock cooler on it realize that the bios will probably need to be flashed to fix the fan speed issue that a lot of them are having [they’re running hot]. When I had an ATI card I was able to modigy the firmware and put my own fan speed profile which made is quiet during normal use and it would ramp up pretty fast to cool the card during gaming. Also make sure you use the drivers from the AMD website and not the ones that will come on the driver disk.

The OS is up to you, not many advantages with vista. With Vista you should get 3-4 gigs of ram, and if you want to utilize all 4 gigs of ram then vista x64 is necessary. XP runs fine with 2gigs.

Can’t remember which brand, but one of them has a lifetime warranty… That is the one I would get…

More and more people are learning to like vista. Myself and others have used it for months, without any issues… If you don’t have a bunch of old software/hardware to deal with, I would go Vista for sure…

If you are into the ati cards the hd4850 is a good one.

I like the nVidia cards myself

vista still has bugs the last i heard ( the home versions more than the pro versions ), I would go with xp myself.


Decisions, decisions.

I think I’ll just go with Vista. XP costs an arm and a leg to get a non-OEM version, and I don’t feel like forking out extra money. And I think I’ll stick to the 4850s. No offence bean55, but I’ve decided on this weeks ago, but I’ll go with this card if noone here objects to it, or if it’s on par with what I’ve chosen so far.

(Assuming I go with the MSI card recomended.) How hard was the operation you just described. I don’t want to run the risk of killing the card. And you said the drivers from the “AMD” website? I’m going with an Intell mobo and CPU. Does that matter?

Here is my wish list. I’ll be ordering sometime tomorrow and I need someone to say if I got 32 or 64-bit vista selected. One of the reviews hint that it’s the 32-bit vista, and if I get it I have to cough up $10 and wait another 2 weeks for 64-bit.

I want to also thank everyone who helped me on this build. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate this. Thank you for putting up with me.

Newegg is making us login to see the list, maybe you can just post a list.

On the video card, you get drivers for the video card from the maker of the card, in this case you will directly to AMD because they will be the latest drivers. For the MB chipset, you get drivers from motherboard maker, and if you want just like the video card you can go directly to Intel to get the latest drivers. O yeah, AMD now own ATI, so thats why you would go to the AMD website lol, you would get getting video card drivers and not chipset or MB drivers from them.

Flashing a bios is not that hard there are some tutorials out there. Hopfully it will be a simple fix that you simply run the exe and it does everything. I have an EVGA 8800gt and the company put out a new bios that was very easy to flash the video card.

On the OS, realize if you get 4gigs of ram, the computer will only see 3gigs with a 32-bit OS. Only a 64-bit OS can see more than 3gigs.

Well I don’t know if there is a bios update but you can search and read some of the info out there.

I am running the Sapphire 4850 and like it. A little cheaper than the MSI card.

Here’s my list then. I didn’t think newegg would force anyone to log in. Sorry.

OS: Vista:

Video Card:









Other: Bluetooth:

Like I said, I just want a good video card brand, or the one bean55 suggested. The only differences I see is that the one he suggested, 1. does not have HDMI out like original does, and 2. has only 112 stream processors, whereas the original has 800. After comparing the two, I see no other differences other than the two listed here.

I’ve read the walk through for the 4850 and it looks easy enough. Is the procedure really as simple as it looks?

And am I looking at the 32 or 64-bit windows? Also, if I have to send off my windows stuff to get the 64-bit, and have already installed linux, do I have to reformat, when I get the 64-bit version. I have some linux experience, and can create an empty partition for windows if need be. Or will Vista not allow it, and erase the entire drive?

You should always reformat when doing a fresh build like this.

Any reason you want to spend so much on the OS. There is a version for vista x64 thats only 90 bucks Link. A good thing to do when getting an OEM OS is use an old HDD and make a complete backup of the new system and store that for if/when you need to reinstall, but you would need to use the copy software from the HDD manufactuer to make a perfect image that can be booted from.

Everything else looks good. If you wanted a second x16 slot on your MB you can get the P5Q PRO board for only 10 bucks more, which also has free shipping. Also the seasonic PSU that your getting is modular, the non modualr 500w version is 20 bucks less.

I’m pretty sure the x64 OS can run x32 stuff without any issue. But definitly look for an x64 version when installing stuff.

Your link to the HDD is for ram, ram-drive? lol.

Link to HDD.I feel smart… :o

The reason I want the more expensive version is because if (for some unforseeable reason) I need/want to change my hardware, the OEM vista will flip out and refuse to work. I’ll get OEM if this is not (too much of) an issue. And I need 64-bit because, as previously stated, 64-bit is required to utilize the >3 gigs of ram it will have. (Did I just unintensionally make a smiley?)

I think I might go with the P5Q PRO Mobo. It looks the same except it has half the maximum ram capacity (still double what I was planning to install anyway, an additional slot (like you said) and according to reviews somthing called mini OS. What’s that?

I’m still leary of “flashing” my card but the guide looks easy enough. Shouldn’t be too much trouble right? This is currently one of my biggest worries.

No problem with the OEM version of Vista 64bit and new hardware. if it does flip out, you just need to contact MS and get a new activation key.
RE: changing the BIOS on your new card. Be careful to get the correct editor and flasher. The new 48xx cards have a larger flash area.

HDD looks good.

Here’s another thread on 4850 ‘issues’ lol.

apparently some of the cards are idling at a high cpu speed.

[QUOTE=Dee-27;2110256]No problem with the OEM version of Vista 64bit and new hardware.[/QUOTE]I really like Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit. I believe Dee also likes Vi$ta 64 bit.

[QUOTE=Bob;2110264]I really like Vi$ta Ultimate 64 bit. I believe Dee also likes Vi$ta 64 bit.[/QUOTE]

Don’t crap in my thread Bob :a :a

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I’d have to suggest getting the OEM version also and save all of that extra $$$$$
for something else. I run an OEM version of XP PRO and have changed all of my
hardware several times just last week I installed a new mobo, CPU, RAM and all I had
to do was click on activate online and all was good no problem I didn’t have to call MS.
If it is something like 120 days or more between major hardware changes then you can
just activate online without having to call in to MS but I’m not sure how it works with
Vista probably same as XP maybe. :confused:

Okay. I’m going to get the P5Q PRO, and Vista Home Premium OEM, 64-bit. As for the video card, the one I originally listed above. The walk through is still making me nervous, but I think I should be able to handle it.

Thanks for the help everybody. I’ll post my benchmarks once I get it built.

Oh, if your getting the MSI card with the aftermarket cooler, there is no need to modify anything. Is that the card you were referring to?

I was talking about this one.

Your good to go, nothing to modify or flash.