Video card brand quality



From reading these boards it seems that the nvidia 6600gt is better than the ati 9800 pro.

I need to keep the price for a new one under $150 as I am going to build a computer for my nephew and that’s the max amount he has for the graphics card.

What I’m wondering is would an ATI branded 9800 be better than a lesser brand 6600gt, or will the 6600gt always be better?

I am getting everything from newegg so if anyone sees something that would be good please let me know. I prefer to use AGP as I think it would be cheaper to upgrade a little in the future as AGP is phased out.



6600GT is just slightly better than Radeon 9800pro.

Sapphire’s Radeon 9800pro stopped being $120 on Newegg a month ago. If it was still that, I’d recommend it over 6600GT.

X800GT is better than 6600GT and is only $160 for PCIe, but I’ve yet to see an AGP version.

So yeah…6600GT is your best choice for AGP now.


The 6600GT GPU does surpass the ATI 9800Pro GPU and XT in my opinion. Brand does factor in somewhat for quality and use of the chipset. When you say lesser branded what brand are you talking?


I didn’t have a specific brand in mind. I just checked newegg.

The ATI 9800 pro 128mb is $136 with an average rating of 5.

PNY 6600gt 128mb is $129 after rebate (avg rating 4)
eVGA 6600gt 128mb is $144 after rebate (avg rating 5)
AOpen 6600gt is $145 (no rating)
XFX 6600gt is $146 (avg rating 5)
Chaintech 6600gt is $147 (avg rating 4)

also, some 6800’s
Leadtek 6800LE $129 (avg rating 5) not sure if I want to risk not being able to unlock it in my nephews system but I may try this to upgrade my 9800 pro

XFX 6800 $142 after rebate (avg rating 4)

These are all in the price range I am looking at. I have only installed 2 video cards in my systems since my old voodoo 3 and they were both ATI. I dont know anything about the other brands. If someone could point me to a web site that compares the different brands that would be cool.



6600GT brand comparisons.
Those are the PCIe versions.