Video card and power supply

hi guys i am new to this posting stuff but i have a question. ok i have a 300 watt power supply and i plan on buying a graphics card that also has that minimum requirment of 300 watts. Will having a 300 watt graphics card and a 300 watt power supply fry my pc.

Well it depends on the card and power supply I’d think. I ran 6 optical drives, 4 hard drives, and everything else on a high quality 300 watt supply for several years with no issues till the supply finally went away, though it didn’t kill anything else.
I’d say seeing how good quality big PS are going for 100 sometimes I’d just get a bigger good quality one so you don’t have to worry about issues.
If it does get overloaded some will fry everything else when they die and some just die and kinda protect the rest of the machine so if it was my box I wouldn’t chance it.
I Have a Nspire Xtreme 750 modular I paid 100 for and other then the fan finally getting noisy after a few years it has worked flawlessly with a 3870x2 and still powers all the same gear I listed with a Quad core 9600 AMD.
I was able to find a dead unit just like it for free and salvaged the fan out of it and repaired my unit.

Heres the card in gettins specs

EVGA GeForce GT 240 Superclocked Video Card - 512MB DDR5

Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce

GPU Series: NVIDIA GeForce 200

Lifestyle: Performance


Video Memory: 512MB

Memory Type: DDR5

Memory Interface: 128-bit

Stream Processors: 96

Core Clock: 550 MHz

Memory Clock: 3588 MHz

Shader Clock: 1340 MHz

Interface Type: PCI Express 2.0

Interface Speed: x16

Connector(s): DVI
VGA (15-Pin D-Sub)

Overclocked: Yes

APIs: DirectX 10.1
Shader Model 4.1

Video Output: HDMI

Low Profile: No

Cooling Type: Fan

And the PSU i have no idea on what the name is or kind

ok heres the card im looking fors specs

EVGA GeForce GT 240 Superclocked Video Card - 512MB DDR5

Chipset: NVIDIA GeForceGPU Series: NVIDIA GeForce 200Lifestyle: PerformanceGPU/VPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT240Video Memory: 512MBMemory Type: DDR5Memory Interface: 128-bitStream Processors: 96Core Clock: 550 MHzMemory Clock: 3588 MHzShader Clock: 1340 MHzInterface Type: PCI Express 2.0Interface Speed: x16Overclocked: YesAPIs: DirectX 10.1 NVIDIA CUDA Shader Model 4.1Video Output: HDMI VGALow Profile: NoCooling Type: Fan

What kinda PS do you have that is the only thing not listed???

Without knowing the manufacturer of your power supply, it is rather difficult for us to help you. Some of the older 300w power supplies were very well made, but many were not. And most were underpowered on the 12v line compared to modern power supplies.

I’d suggest getting a 400 to 450 w psu from Corsair or Seasonic. Most people don’t need anything above that unless they plan on running 6 hard drives and a couple of high end video cards simultaneously.

I have a Delta Elctronics 300 watt PSU

output is +12v 15A
Max power is +5v 20A
Output cannot exceed 160W what does that mean

Please recommend a card to me i realyl dont wanna buy a new PSU.

The power supply isn’t all that hard to swap out, all the modern types have keyed plugs that can only go in the right way unless you try really hard so unless you absolutely don’t have any more money I’d replace it as well when you get the new card.
Most older video cards that won’t tax your PS also aren’t very good for modern games and things so I guess you need to decide whats most important to you and what you can afford.

for the spex u have…get a 450 or 500w power supply…you’ll be fine for a long time

Thanks for all the help guys i just wish i could use a 250 watt to 270 watt video card with this psu because my mom can only afford to buy me a new video i cant stand this Nvidia Geforce 6150SE Integrated video card. Besides i only play these to games Half-Life 1 and Half-life 2 but again thanks for the help

[QUOTE=supermw;2491072]I have a Delta Elctronics 300 watt PSU

output is +12v 15A
Max power is +5v 20A
Output cannot exceed 160W what does that mean

Please recommend a card to me i realyl dont wanna buy a new PSU.[/QUOTE]

EVGA GeForce GT 240 Superclocked Video Card - 512MB DDR5
Also it does state as quoted

“System Requirements Minimum of a 300 Watt power supply”

It does say on Newgg site that the min PS is 300 watt so looks like your PS is at the min and I would at least get as Kerry at least close to 500 watt PS as your PS is not a brand I recognize as quality if push come to shove when your GPU pulls power from the PS. And also not knowing what all is in your system is hard to determine what kinda PS you need. You will have to look up each of those and calc the total power needed in the PS to cover your needs and possible future upgrades. And considering I can’t even locate that PS on Newegg I would consider the PS upgrade would do you more beside the GPU upgrade espically if you plan on playing half-life and half-life 2. Take a look at newegg if they are available in you area they should have a brand name PS in your range to get to power your system. Since I don’t know how much you can spend on PS it’s hard to give a recommendation on PS.

Agh i found so many power supplies on newegg but i dont know if i need a certain one or can i use any kind

Any motherboard using your Nvidia Geforce 6150SE is should use a standard ATX power supply. These come with 24 pin connectors to the motherboard, and can also be used on older 20 pin connectors on the motherboard, so virtually any modern psu could work for you.

Both of these should work. To be absolutely certain, [B]you need to tell us the make and model computer that you have[/B].

If you happen to have a Dell, some of their computers use BTX configuration. So, please tell us some details about your computer.

I have a Gateway Computer

Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz

RAM: 2942

Windows Vista 32-bit Operating System

Motherboard: HT 2000 i think has a 24 pin connector

Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 6150SE Integrated

No idea what the model is


The EVGA GeForce GT 240 should work fine in that system with the existing 300 watt power supply-eh.

(Delta builds a pretty forgiving power supply)

Thanks i guess ill try the card with this supply but i might get a 400 watt psu just incase so thanks for the help