Video card and elder scrolls Oblivion IV

Elder scrolls IV Oblivion need a video card with pixel and vertex shader 2.0 (and i have not that)

there are programs that emulate these, i know only 3d analyze, i found the way to see game menu but it dont play texture.

Someone know a right setting or another emu ? (also if an emulation is heavy)

Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a video card?


Easier, yes, cheaper no.

Face it, you’re f**ked :wink:
Get a new video card.

Not true. Google for “oldblivion”. Just don’t expect it to be glitch free.

Vertex Shaders are not a “glitch”.

The moral of the story: Take your system specs when buying a game as your system may not be upto it.

I never said they are. Oldblivion is meant to emulate the shaders and thus allowing PS1.1 capable video cards to actually render Oblivion “semi”-correctly (and thus the glitch comment).

Yep…If the cost of the game exceeds the cost of the video card in your computer, expect nothing but one suck experience.

Not quite true broken.

it is any solution for macking work the fu**ing game with a video withouth pixel or other stuff (y got a ati radeon 9250 /256 mb; 3,2 Intel PIV: 1Gb dual ch RAM) ???
(i meen is working now but not like i expected … and it’s keep blocking a lot)

[B]No![/B] Watch you language, young man/miss!! :a

Radeon [B]9250[/B] and this game. :rolleyes: How ridiculous!!!

LOL, I know exactly how it feels to not have high enough specs. My laptop has 1 gig ram which is shares with an on board graphics that is suppose to be a 128 mb card, so i get 8 hundred something ram and 128 graphics, well I cant even play call of duty on it, whereas my desktop in greece had a geforce 128mb card and 512 ram and it played fine, no lag or anything. Ah well. I’ve also got splinter cell pandora tomorow which serves as coaster too, I cant be bothered to sell it for 10 pounds when the game is worth 30.

Something else to consider is that these weak ass “value” cards are pretty wimpy. Just because it is a higher model number doesn’t mean it is beter or faster. As far as raw processing power, my old radion 8500’s can compete with and sometimes even beat cards like some of the 9100’s, 9200’s, 9250’s and even some of the 9550’s if I am not mistaken. Last time I decided to upgrade, I tried a 9200se and an nvidia 5200 (actually bought and instaled the cards). The 8500’s (running stock, not overclocked) just about doubled the performance of those two much newer cards. A year ago it was the same situation. there were not any resonably priced cards that could significatlly beat my old 8500’s. Its too bad the 8500 doesn’t support the newer features that many games require (no shock there as many of the gaming graphics engines are written by nvidia or ati, sometimes for free, and it is in their intrest to make you keep having to buy new cards).
There are now cards now that will beat those old 8500’s for a resonable price (not too much over 100$), but you have to be carfull what you buy as there are similar models with drastically diffrent speed abilities (often because many cards are intentionally crippled). Ati is the worst because there are so many overlaping model numbers (which is what is making it hard for me to decide what to buy now that it is worth upgrading). There are still cards for 100$ or more that cannot compete with my old cards as far as raw power. You might find this interesting
There are endless charts and benchmark comparisons like this to help out but it can get confusing. Notice how model number (and how high the number is) really doesn’t mean anything. Also notice how you might see the same model (like a 9600) at the bottom of the list as well as much higher up at the middle.

To be able to play Oblivion with minmal details, res 800x600, 1GB RAM, 2GHz CPU, you would need an Radeon 9500/9600/X600 and upwards…

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay!”.:cool:
No really, you shouldn`t be tightfisted when you buy PC parts.

ello lads,i would appreciate some help here.I’ve got a bit of extra quid and i seriously need to update my computer in the cheapest way.I am dying to play Oblivion

Me specs are sad i know

intel celeron proccesor 1.7 GHz
384 Mb of ram

ATI radeon 7500.

those are the things that i feel have to be changed.

What mobo, what kind of RAM?

agp of course
DDR ram lad,or do you want me to specify the make?