Video Capture

After advice, I am just about set up to convert my SVHS tapes.
First initial captures seemed to have worked a treat.
Set up is
SVHS deck <svideo/L&R audio> ADVC300
ADVC 300 < IEE1394 > PC

On PC current set up is Sony Vegas Studio 9
Using Video Capture to DV files.
I’ll copy in a bundle of tapes first then have a go at improving & editing later.
Really pleased that they have come in jitter free and colours seem good.

Just wanted to check that using the Sony Vegas for capture is OK ? … I know a lot of people talk about WinDV and other programs, as Sony Vegas seems to work so easily is this OK … that I’m not losing any quality by using it ?

Apart from setting region to Europe & file type to DV everything else is standard the saved .avi files are:
720 x 576
Data rate 28800kbps
Total bitrate 30336kbps
25 frames per sec

Saved files are about 0.22 GB per minute of video

The ADVC settings are left at default (other than turning tbc on and setting region)
The picture controller s/w is installed but left at default, no tweaking.

Does all this seem OK … wanted to check before I digitize the rest.

Sony Vegas Studio is a well respected editing program for home users. I see no problem using it for this purpose.

Since the video is coming in as DV format in an AVI Vegas should be fine for capture (that’s about 28 Mbps). If you notice dropped frames or have synch problems then I’d give WinDV a go.