Video capture...WYSIWYG

Hi all, I have Total Record that allows me to capture to hard drive what I am hearing from my PC. Is there any software like this to capture the video I see to my hard drive as well?

I do not have a ‘video capture card’.


Video you see from where? Think the question needs a few more blanks filled in. :slight_smile:

I think what he means is a software that captures whatever he’s seeing on his PC monitor. There are many software to do this but to get a full screen, full motion capture would require extreme processing power…which is why some program use compression and capture at a lower frame rate…

You can try the following:
(I have not tested this one)

You can try this one:
(Have used this one)

And last but not least

This one is pretty damn good :slight_smile:

here is a FREE one dose a great job and easy to use AutoScreenRecorder

Thanks for the links folks. I’ll give them a try.