Video Capture - to what type of file

Hi Everyone.
I’m new to this so sorry if anything i ask is STUPID !!

I want to capture all my old VHS tapes to PC then burn to DVD.

I have a ATI 2006 all-in-wonder PCI card which i have hooked up to my player with S-video and audio R & L.
I can get it to capture ok, but i’m not sure what type of file i should capture as, AVI, MPEG-2, DVD etc.
Which should i choose to get the best quality ?

I’m using Ulead video studio 8.0 as the software.
I have a P4 3gig PC with 1gb of Ram and a 300gb SATA.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I find it’s not in the format, but in the specs, to achieve lossless capture ie bitrate settings, even audio, mpeg or LPCM? NTSC or PAL? I use Ulead video Studio 3, & find the DVD setting suitable. My best advice, capture on-the-fly to DVD or Mpeg2, as these are the DVD standard, & will save you the painful task of converting formats during compiling, wich could take up to 5hrs!!


I had the same problem and ran slap bang into macrovision copy protection on the vhs tapes.

i found that the adaptec vdv express usb box did the trick. if you google you can find out why. and it writes direct to a dvd from a vhs rgb input, neat, and cost about 50usd

however this same box did a poor job capturing cable tv - dont know why, i bought a snazzi pci card instead which doesnt crash unexpectedly but wont burn straight to dvd.