Video capture suggestions



I’m looking for the best bang for the buck to transfer all my VHS tapes to DVD. (some hollywood {copywrite protected} and rest off TV)
Software is semi important but ease of use and picture quality are my top priorities.
Also should I look at getting a TV tuner card instead w/ remote?

Your experience/recommendation(s) are appreciated


You will get a million different answers. You need to go to and read up on capture devices. Some people think that the ATI AIW cards are good,and many others will tell you to get either an ADS PYRO, or Canopus card. I personally use two methods. If I just want good video and to get past protection schemes, I use the ADS PYRO AV/LINK. If I just want to extract still frame photos from video, I capture via a firewire card and save as an AVI.


Try the Hauppauge PVR 250 works great for vhs to dvd (hardware converts too mpeg2) so you can still use your computer while it goes.
Good also for tv programme backups
Only downside is some of the software (bundled) could be better but this was not a problem for me as i had other anyway…


If you have alot to copy you could look at a stand alone dvd recorder, easy to use but more $ and you can’t edit.
For copy-protection you might have to get a TBC or video stabilizer.


my Plextor PX-M402U has done an excellent job at encoding my VHS library to DVD compliant MPEG-2. it also has DiVX hardware encoding as well.


Hey drpino… How much are those plextor’s going for! When I got my ADS Pyro, I paid $129.00 and got the ulead studio 7 with it. What comes with the plextor, and do you ever have problems with dropped frames.


hey harley2ride, i think the MSRP is like $159…but i picked mine up for like $140-$20MIR so it was like $120. this model now comes with an SE version of Ulead 7 but when i got mine it didn’t. they bundle Intervideo WinDVDCreator2 with it which is pretty shite…so i use everything from PlexGoCap (free DL), GB-PVR (also free) and Nero Vision Express with it with great success. to my knowledge, it hasn’t dropped a single frame :wink: (NVE calculates dropped frames and it’s always been 0 on VHS transfers).


Good deal drpino. When I was looking to buy, they didn’t rate the plextor’s that good. But the model you have is newer than the one I was looking at.


here’s a really good review, albeit a little old (and the newer driver, software, etc. has improved on some of the shortcomings as detailed in the review):

and there are a lot of user opinions/experiences with the unit here: