Video Capture Sony DCR-TRV350 to Windows 7

After a new PC build and a long hiatus, I am back into capturing video from my Sony DCR-TRV350, D8 Video Camera. I am running Windows 7 and capturing via Firewire/1394. This seems to be working with Windows Live Movie Maker but I’m up to about 6.5GB at 31 minutes of video.

I was using Sonic MyDVD before completely rebuilding all the PC’s in the house and upgrading everything to W7. I was really impressed with the audio quality (Dolby Digital) of the Sonic product and it did everything from capture to burn, but my version won’t run on W7. I’ve got Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 for doing the author/burn.

Would anyone care to share their favorite video capture software for getting from DV camera to hard drive? Cheap is good, free is better; I don’t have $100 to drop on another Sonic product.

13 Gig an hour is standard DV in an AVI. Win DV is what I’ve seen suggested to capture with, and AVS to DVD is what a lot of folks use to author. AVIDeMux (useful for losslessly cutting chunks out of the DV AVI files) rounds out the trinity of the ‘best’ free CamCorder to DVD program suite.

Thanks, olyteddy. It looks like MS just stole the WinDV program wholesale. Pretty much got the same results.

Maybe I’m just used to the new 1680x1050 res on my PC and the 1080i on my big screen TV. The DV to DVD I’m getting now doesn’t seem to be the same quality as when I was using Sonic from Camera to DVD.

Except Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 will not import the audio portion of Windows Live Movie Maker imports from DV.

I ended up using WinDV instead. Same quality and imports into Ashampoo just fine.

Of course, I can pretty much import, title, scene, edit, add music, export to YouTube, and burn to DVD from Movie Maker. This is one of the few times that M$ has given me something for free that is better than the paid version I bought from a specialty software house.