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I am having a problem backing up my childrens cartoon Vhs tapes. I have a Magnavox Mwr20v6 vhs dvd recorder combo. when I tried to back tape up it comes this program cant be copied. so I hooked up a Sanyo vhs/dvd combo and wired it to the the magnavox then to tv and played vhs in the Sanyo so it would play through the magnavox and tried to record but got same thing, program cant be copied. but other vhs tape works fine. All Im tring to do is back the toons up cause my kids have just about wore them out .lol. Surely there is a away around this with out having to buy something else or connecting to a computer . It just makes no sense to me . Seems like it would record just like recording something off of tv. Any help someone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

I installed a TV turner card in my computer and hooked my VHS player to it and I play and record the tape to my HDD then convert to DVD format using DVDFlick(FREE) then burn to DVD :smiley:

Thanks but I wasn’t looking to buy anything extra or using computer.

Thats ok was just pointing out how I do it, did have the same trouble as you .

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If your Magnavox Mwr20v6 vhs dvd recorder combo, or any other vhs/DVD combo recorder will not copy it,then I’d also try the TV Tuner route as the Storm suggested… I use a Hauppauge capture card,which btw,ignores macrovision…
Just trying to help…

vhs to TV to vhs/dvd using the rca connectors on the back of your TV if you have them.
Sometimes work

I am tring to back up my kids vhs cartoons onto DVD. I am using a capture card but the capture program I have cant get passed the macrovision. anyone know a good easy to use free capture program?

If you are running into problems with macrovision, you’ll need a image stabilizer device. They are getting harder to find as vhs fades from common use, and Macrovision has sued some of the manufacturers (like Sima). I know Dimax makes some.

A time base corrector will also work, but this is an expensive solution.

Another solution is to use a capture card that effectively ignores macrovision, like most of the Happauge capture cards.

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Kerry56 wrote,

“Another solution is to use a capture card that effectively ignores macrovision, like most of the Happauge capture cards.”

Yeah that’s what I use, the Hauppauge 150 PVR capture card…Not the best or latest,but I only use it occasionally…Works good for me…:wink:

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As far as capture proggies, try GB-PVR, Beyond TV… etc.

movie freak, Try Sima GoDVD CT - 200 or Digimax (never tried it) or, The Clarafier any device that strips the macrovision signal.


I got nero vision to do it but it took over two hours from start of capture to disc came out of the burner. Picture quality was poor and had no audio.

You can still get these Macrovision-ignoring devices via eBay
New or used…they are a fair and cheap solution.