Video capture problem

Nice guys finish last. My wife’s parents died a while back so I thought it would be nice to convert all the old vhs tapes to dvd. One trip to circuit city and a few hundred dollars later I thought I was in business. Now here is my problem. It seem the ADS TECH DVD Express capture card I bought is not recognized by Pinnacle studio 7 or Nero Vision Express. The capture card came with ULEAD Moviemaker 3 and it blows. About the only thing I can do with it is go direct to DVD. I have tried updates from just about every body and I now believe I need to return the capture card. Maybe I’ll get something from Pinnacle so that I know something will be compatible. Any suggestions will be most appreciated. I’ve already wasted about 20 hours of my life trying to be a nice guy.

OCHO, I wish I could help but I’m just starting to look around myself for the same capability.

When you get it figured out let I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you end up using…I too want to transfer all of my old VHS tapes to DVD.

Also, I have an analog camcorder and several smaller vhs type tapes (8mm) that I also want to transfer to DVD. What equipment will allow me to transfer the small 8mm tapes to DVD?

Can anyone advise me on this?

Email Ads Tech support. You should be able to use Ulead Studio 7 or 8. My Ads products work with Adobe Premiere, Ulead Studio, Vegas Video, Huffyuv, and a few others. But there are some that it won’t work with. If it will work with Vegas Movie DVD, Best Buy has it for only $30.00 after rebate, and possibly free with a qualifying upgrade rebate.

What i use is Virtualdub - use this to capture from the card … and compressing into HUFFYUV lossless. Then i just use this AVI to edit :slight_smile: or recompress into MPEG2 with some “good” encoder and burn to DVD

lui gough, do you realize this is the newbie forum?

Burnselk, I don’t know that much but the best advice I can give right now is to either buy all the same brand equipment and software or check for compatibility before you buy.

O.K. I got some more info. I downloaded some updates for the ADS capture card. I can use the Ulead now. Still cannot use Pinnacle 7 Studio SE. It says it cannot initialize the DV capture device. When I try Nero Vision Express 2 it says capture device currently in use. Any advice anyone…? anyone…? Can you here me now?

emm … yes? sorry - is it just too technical? i’ve used Ulead Videostudio and it doesn’t give me good quality MPEG2 - it’s slightly blockier than a good encoder … and I would not even try Powerproducer because that’s even worse. That’s when i moved off to something better :wink:

When I first tried this years ago I had the same problems! The advice above about staying with the same software for the whole process is what I had to do in the end! I had bought SONY movie maker( for my Sony camcorder) with a SONIC DVD maker plug in that came with it and it did not work without alot of ass pain. So I bought the full deluxe version of SONICDVD and never looked back! I tried the free trial versions of all the mentioned software in this thread but the final process was blocked until I bought the whole package! So I decided to not to buy 4 different software packages that may or may not work and stick with just one! Now Nero deluxe has come a long way since then and many have had great results with it! I just will not switch since my setup is working. Firwire card, Camcorder, Sonic DVD deluxe, and an old VCR to do VHS tape backups through my Sony camcorder with a digital pass through!

Which version of Video Studio did you try, because with Studio 7SE, I’m getting nearly as good of results (converting old VHS tapes to DVD), as I get with Premiere 6.5, or Vegas 5.

I don’t think I would want to use Pinnacle 7, or any other Pinnacle version. Everything I have read on multiple forums is all bad concerning Pinnacle software. Everyone seems to complain about how buggy it is.

Are you capturing direct to MPEG2 or are you capturing then recompressing? I was using Ulead Videostudio 7, 8 and 9 though admittedly 7 was blocky on “noisy” sources. VHS looked acceptable, though the colour wasn’t so good and complex scenes came out blocky regardless of quality setting. This was doing it REALTIME to MPEG2 [a big no-no if you want quality]. Newer versions got slightly improved quality [i think] and take a lot more CPU than I got for direct to MPEG2 - have to set the quality bar to ~80 to get smooth video - so I stopped worrying about direct to MPEG2 and started capturing to Huffyuv, and reprocessing it to MPEG2 later.

I am trying to capture to mpeg2. My problem isn’t poor guality. It seems I cannot initialize the capture device with certain editing programs. I had someone I trust recommend Pinnacle so I was hoping to use it. ADS Tech DVD Express capture card from vhs to pc. It seems the only advice I received so far is to get a pinnacle capture card(to work with pinnacle) or another capture device that is compatible with nero.

Pinnacle is the most buggy of all the capture/edit softwares. Just search this forum, and forum, and you will find that out.
What are your system specs…
You are using a USB capture device. Do you have USB2.0, or do you have USB1.1. Because if it’s 1.1, you won’t do very good no matter what software you use. Are you capturing to a seperate HD (not the one your OS and Software are on). Have you checked the ADS web site to see which softwares they recommend.

I use ADS products, and have no problems whatsoever. Buy mine use firewire, not usb. There are numerous softwares that work with the ADS products, but there are also quite a few that don’t. I use Adobe Premiere 6.5 which you can pick up for around $40.00, and I use Vegas Video, Ulead Studio7, and there have been a couple of others that I tried (can’t remember exactly which ones). No matter which capture solution you use, you will find that none of them will work with every software.

If you are capturing direct to MPEG2, you should have at least a 2.8ghz p4 or a similar powered Athlon, should have at least 512mb of ram, two seperate HD’s, one for programs, and one for data/data transfer, and you need to make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary background tasks/jobs running while you capture. And you should have USB2.0. If you aren’t doing all this, or at least very close to it, you will NEVER get a good MPEG2 capture. A possible solution would be to capture to DV-AVI format, and then use software to convert to MPEG2.