Video capture card -- advice needed

I’m staying with friends in a foreign country. They want to transfer old video tapes onto DVD. We’ll buy a DVD burner – I know a bit ab.out them.

But I know nothing about video capture cards, which I believe I’ll also need. So I’m asking for advice about them:
Do they do a good job in transfering old VHS tapes to DVD?
And which is the recommended video capture card to get?

Thanks for any advice given.

Go to, and check out the capture card ratings there, and also browse the capture forum for more detailed information. It’s a matter of what you need, and preference.

  1. The do the work decently and give you the ability to tweak the source a bit beforce finally encoding to DVD.
  2. A card that uses Conexant CX2388* , like Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert

I just got the Leadtek DTV1000T and it gives real nice results