Video Cameras

Howdy folks. Been looking around for a place like this. My SO is into still photography and she is shooting horse events. I want to shoot videos of the shows and offer them to the contestants. I have a problem choosing the right camera. I was looking at Canon Professional camers and then the Sony. Any recommendations. I have limited knowledge…maybe I shouldn’t even get into this??? I do think it would be fun though. I guess I would need a list of items that would be needed to produce copies of the videos.

I’ve seen the smaller video cameras but I don’t think they would be good enough to produce quality videos. Any suggestions here.:confused:

Just google “video camera review”, and do some reading. Check lots of sites… Everybody will have their own opinions… Many will even try to tell you that you shouldn’t buy anything but and HD video camera. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend an HD video camera just yet. Still to expensive, and not enough software and playback support as of yet. It’s getting there, but I would still wait.

From all the reading I have done, I would recommend a MiniDV camera. They offer the best options for storing/saving original video files, and are easiest to edit and convert to different formats, with least amount of quality loss.

Thanks Harley…I’ve been looking at the Canon XH A1. You idea on HD is interesting. I’m just starting to look around at these cameras and you are right…everyone has their opinions but that’s what it’s all about. Thanks again.