Video Cameras



I’m not sure if this qualifies as a legal topic or not but I hope no one minds me posting it and hopefully since it is related I can get some good information.

I have to find a video camera for the hospital where I work. I will have to take our recordings and make DVDs from them. I am planning to get a hard drive camera and think I’ll probably get HD. Our budget is probably up to $1000. This camera will be used to record lectures from guest speakers (so, either a good built in microphone, or the option of plugging in a wireless mic, or both, is very imporant). I’m not sure if there is much difference in the built in mic’s from camera to camera but we need a good one if there is. Also, it needs to be compact, although I don’t think that is a problem from what I’ve seen in BestBuy–almost all of them are pretty small. We’ll also use it for filming surgeries…if you’re operating on a child’s hand I imagine the HD will come in handy, right? Other than surgeries and lectures, it will be used for random recordings but nothing that would require any special features.

Can anyone give me any guidance with regard to cameras? Or, does anyone know of a forum where I could get some good advice? We need to purchase a camera soon and I know more about it than anyone else (and that’s not much!). So, I’d appreciate any help/recommendations that I can get!


Probably a spare battery and an off-camera charger will be essential too. Other things to consider are a firewire interface for the PC, unless the camcorder records to DVD (very convenient format, actually, as the moment the recording is done, it is in a format which can be thrown into any PC with a DVD drive).