Video camera icon showing on screen

Using DVD Decrpyter and AnyDVD, I burned a copy of Life is Beautiful which I believe is an Italian film. I burned a version with a region code of 1. The burn process went well except now when I play the burned version, I get a small image of a video camera showing. Anyone know what may have caused this and how to remove it?

Could be a setting on your stand alone player

Doesn’t that symbol usually mean that another angle is available on some standalone players?

Does this show up on both your PC and standalone?

Are you indicating that it is not due to the decrypting, compressing or burning process?

As abrown15 also suggested it could be the player ( settings or a button has been pressed on the remote), not Anydvd

I will try running it on the PC to see. I know it happens on the stand alone dvd player. This does not happen very often. I keep thinking it happens when I am told during the very beginning of the decrypting process that this film is coded for a region. This film was actually rented in the US and had a region 1 code. I will also check on the other angle possibility. Thanks.

Anydvd will get rid of the region code.

Thanks BJ, I was just giving any details that might be pertinent. AnyDVD is a great program and I am certainly very happy with it. I just want to try to determine what is the cause of the little camera. I will definetly look into the free standing player for a setting.

I was farting about with the remote on my player and i did see a movie camera at the top of the screen, had to press more buttons to remove it, as instructions were thrown over my shoulder when i got the player :eek:

Of course when you say rented, you actually mean bought - as it would be illegal to rent and movie and copy it - obviously what you are doing is backing up a movie you own… :iagree:

Yes, ex-rental, i know the one’s you mean :bigsmile:

You both are soooo smart. Next time, listen to what I mean, not what I say.

The camera icon is probably related to the angle settings on stand-alone DVD players. It has nothing to do with AnyDVD as I have had this icon come up with backups made using DVDFAB and DVD Shrink.

It may be related to re-authoring as I backed up Star Wars a New Hope and noticed that the camera Icon appeared. I have re-checked the original disk in CloneDVD and found that the main movie has 5 angles for each of the 5 languages. I think I must have re-authored to take out the other languages I did not need. I kept the original menu and I think this may have triggered the icon although I am not sure.

Actually the angles in the star wars films are to do with the scrolling text at the start of the film - it may have 5 angles or so, but it is only the bits that are different that are copied.

Thanks abrown15. I am going to check to see if this video has multiple angles. Did you say that you can remove the multiple angles? Are they related only to language? I don’t have clone dvd, are there other programs that can check for multiple angles?

Hello Folks,

That little “Camera” icon is being displayed by your DVD play back device. It indicates that more than one angle is on the DVD that is being played back. If only one angle is on the DVD the “Camera” icon is not displayed.

You are going that have to refer to your DVD play back device operator user manual for particulars on angle selection options.

During the recording of your back up copy you can have CloneDVD to select that only one angle is recorded.

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