Video cables connecting laptop to big screen TV

Video cables connecting laptop to big screen TV

I am looking for a cable to buy that allows me to watch AVI/MPG files (running on my laptop) on different Big screen TV’'s. I know there are S-VIDEO cables, and VGA cables for sale, but what’s the difference? Also, do I need any software, like a CD with drivers? Or is just a matter of connecting the cable, and fine tuning the monitor/LCD resolution settings on my Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop? Which configurations are necessary? I am running XP. I’m also streaming a lot of video (so the videos are not always on my hardrive when they’re playing). I hope it’s not an issue.


How much are these cables in Europe?

In order to provide you with specific info on what exactly you need, you have to let us now what inputs/outputs are available on both your laptop and TV monitor.

Ideally an hdmi cable could be used to transfer both sound and video to your tv, if you have it available in both that is. Otherwise, you can use a vga or dvi cable for the video and another separate cable for the sound (jack to jack possibly). There are also other combinations.

No software is needed, just configuring some display settings in XP. Streaming is not an issue. Just have in mind that the displayed resolution will have to be equal or less to the native resolution of the TV you will be using.

Prices range from a few euros to a lot more depending on the quality and the type of the cables. I would not spend more than 30-40E though.

Ok, i have VGA, and Svideo (7pin) on my laptop, but I guess Svideo is more common so I’ll buy that. The Tv at present has an Svideo as well ( but it’s 4pin). Hope 4vs7 pins is not an issue.

My Display properties in Control panel allow various different resolutions, right now I run my laptop at 1280X800pixels, and the TV has various resolutions as well, including 1080.

My other concern is Pal vs NTSC, the laptop is Canadian bought 2nd hand in Bulgaria (NTSC), and the TV is a European HDTV (1 year old Sony).

Before connecting the cables, should the laptop be switched off? Does it really matter?

Finally, what setting should the TV be on? Aux1, Aux2, or AV1, AV2?