Video Buyers Group cancels annual tradeshow for Indie video stores

Video Buyers Group cancels annual tradeshow for Indie video stores.

[newsimage][/newsimage]If you thought giant national video rental chains like Blockbuster were hit hard by the recession and the stiff competition from more convenient options like Netflix, consider the plight of the independent video store. The Video Buyers Group, which represents over 1,000 independent stores, canceled its yearly meeting due to similar economic concerns.

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I still visit, rent and buy from my local video store.

Though they have recently downsized to a lot smaller place I still get friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable service from them.

And that is something I never got from Blockbuster or a machine that did not even come close to having the classic old movies that I enjoy watching.

Sad to say I’ve seen this before.
Anyone seen a “Travel Agent” lately?
The under 40 crowd is now too fat, and too lazy to get off their butts to go anywhere. The fact that their social skills have been developed in front of a
monitor as opposed to in the “Real World” might also have something to do with it.

I even know of ANY independent video stores left in my area. Kinda funny that the conference that is supposed to help them gets canceled due to poor economics times. Shouldn’t this be the BEST time for them to have a conference to discuss strategies for improving business, since business is down?

I’ve seen a few independent stores in my area close over the years. Then again, when big chains like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are in trouble it’s not too shocking that the little guys are hurt even worse.