Video burning Problem, I think

Greetings all you smart and good looking computer professionals. I’m just good looking so I need your help. I bought a Panasonic vdr-m53pp cam corder. I shot some home videos, converted them from vob to dvd using Movavi Video converter 6.3 and edited them with Free Video Dub (had to remove my bad language from video) and sent the finished product to my new SanDisk 8 GB Micro Cruzer flash drive. I bought a Liteon 20x External DVD ReWriter and I am using Nero 7 Essentials as my burning software. It came with the LiteOn External DVD ReWriter. (I don’t like Nero and will be looking for a no frills burning software once I get this problem figured out, (Thats my second question). But my problem is… I"Open Nero Start Smart Essentials, I click on “Back Up”, I click on "Burn Image To Disk, I click on the “BROWSE” button to select my video (lotta clicks) I want burned to a disk, I locate the file name But when I open it to select my video to burn, The file is empty. Nothing there, notta. What am I missing??? Where Did I go wrong?? It is here that I humbly ask for your help to solve this dilemma. Secondly, If you know of any simple burning software for a simple person please let me know where to go to find such a product. I copy disks to disks videos without any problems using DVD Fab and DVD Shrink but cant seem to copy videos that are on my hard drive. Can I be Helped??? :bow: Thanks to All of yas… Arthur In Augusta, Maine… Burrrrr.

Test the video you are trying to burn to a disk by playing it on the computer first. Output to a location on the hard drive rather than the flash drive.
If you don’t have a media player with native dvd playback, get VLC.

For a different burning program, look at ImgBurn. It is free to download and use.
Here are the guides for using it: