Video/audio problems with .avi

Hi, I´m new here. I have this problem, I been burning some avi to cd´s and always the image is great but the sound is awful, and in some parts the movie suddenly speeds up and so does the sound.Thet did not happen before. I´m using Nero Brunring Rom and XP. What can be the problem? Thanks :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Please start your own thread in the newbie forum.
Hijacking another thread, when the OP has not had their issues resolved is disrespectful.
When you post your new thread please post the following:

  1. Stick your disc in the DVDwriter drive (or cdwriter drive) and run the nero infotool. Post the log between “[“Code”]” and “[”/code"]" (without the ") removing your serial/key.
  2. Describe what you are trying to do & the programs you have used and the version numbers of the programs.
  3. Identify the media you are using, (not what the label on the disc reads, but who actually manufactured the disc).
  4. If you have an NEC, BENQ, LITEON, SONY drive then run the nero->nero toolkit->CD-DVDSpeed Quality test on the disc.
    If you have a benq, run the test at 8x.
    If you have NEC, run the test at 5x.
    Anything else, try at 4x, and see how you go :wink:
    At completion, or error, press the button as indicated on the drawing and attach it also.