Video/Audio out of Sync

I have merged parts of two dvds and reauthored to create a menu. But the video and audio are out of sync. I know chickenman wrote a tutorial on this but I am having a hard time following it. I believe the steps are as follows:

use ac-3 delay corrector

Are my general steps correct?
If so which application(s) do I use for demuxing and muxing? How do I use the application(s) to do this?
How I determine what my start and end delay is? (Can I take use the get audio/video delay feature in VOBedit to get this info?)

A detailed step approach to fixing this issue would be most appreciated. (I have only been burning dvds for a week) I am listing below the steps I have taken to create my DVD. Thanks

  1. Rip selected portions of each movie to my HD using dvdshrink
  2. Combine selected sections using dvd shrink
  3. Rename vob files
  4. Use VOB edit to join VOB files (i.e. one title w many chapters)
  5. Use IFO edit to create new IFO files
  6. Use Tmpg dvd author tool to create a menu and new files
  7. burn dvd using tmpg


I thought you need vobmerge utility to merge the vob’s, I wasn’t aware vobedit can do that as well. I’m in the same boat as you.

this is what I did, it works but unfortunatley I get audio out sync problems.

  1. merged all vob’s created with shrink using VOBMERGE utility.

  2. demuxed the large vob with VOBEDIT.

3)Authered the demuxed output using ifoedit.

end result…I have video_vst with 1 title, 4 1gb vob’s with all the bup’s and ts’s created by ifoedit.

I play the end result using powerdvd, and what I get is video with out sync audio.


you mentioned that you renamed your vob’s created with shrink, to what did you renamed them to? is there an easy way to rename 84 vob’s at the same time?

I think it’s called spam. :rolleyes:

If its dvd’s that out of sync, I use Smartripper to demux out the video & audio (use Stream Processing) and have in Setup, File Spliting set to Max size (which should be set to 8000mb). You can also use VOBEdit and Demux all streams. Use AC3 Delay Corrector to fix the audio sync problem and then re-author them back to a full dvd with TMPGEnc DVD Author. All should be done in about 15min.